Rates are based on a flat rate per night. Occupancy may NOT exceed the number of registered guests and may NEVER exceed the listed maximum occupancy.

We have a two night minimum on all units, and a 48 hour notice for all bookings.

Your confirmation information will include instructions on after-hours arrivals. If you have any questions you can always call the office and we will be happy to assist you.

Cancellation or Changes to Reservation

Cancellations may be reviewed on an individual basis. Due to the nature of our accommodations, we may not be able to re-rent the property if you have cancelled your reservation in part or in whole. Any cancellation or modification to original booking is subject to the cancellation policy. Cancellation of an existing reservation to change date(s) or unit(s) are subject to the same cancellation policy. Sorry, there are no refunds for “NO-SHOW”. Please note the cancellation/deposit forfeiture policy below:



60 DAYS prior to arrival
$50.00 FEE

15-60 DAYS prior to arrival
50% of rental

0-14 DAYS prior to arrival
100% of rental

Each privately owned unit will have: Bedding, towels, dishes, flatware, dish towels and basic cooking supplies (except those specifically noted as not having a kitchen). Starter supplies include dish soap, dishwasher tabs, paper towels, garbage bags, bath soap, shampoo, lotion, kleenex and bathroom tissue provided in each unit. You will need to bring any personal and/or specialty items with you.

PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN ANY UNIT OR ON ANY PROPERTY UNLESS SPECIFICALLY LISTED AS A PET PROPERTY(service animals are exempt). ONLY DOGS WILL BE ALLOWED IN OUR PET FRIENDLY UNITS (NO OTHER ANIMALS PLEASE). Guests bringing a pet to one of these designated units MUST advise Accommodation Services PRIOR to arrival, complete a pet waiver and will be charged a $25.00 per night fee. A $100.00 fine will be charged for any pets in the unit without authorization plus any additional costs for cleaning carpets, furniture, bedding, etc., and you will be asked to leave your unit without refund.

Accommodation Services does not accept requests for late departures. In order to allow for proper cleaning of the unit for the next guest, we must ask that units are vacated by the listed check-out time: 10:00am for LAKEFRONT/LAKE ACCESS units / 11:00am for ALL OTHER PROPERTIES. You may contact the office during regular business hours to check if your unit is available to extend your stay on a nightly basis.

Failure to vacate by the specified time may result in additional charges and removal from property.

Units with gas BBQ. LP gas is on the honor system and we ask that guests have the tank filled prior to departure. Accommodation Services does not supply LP gas.

Units with Fireplace. The amount and availability of firewood is not guaranteed. Bundles of firewood and/or firelogs are available at various locations around town. Some owners request that no firewood be used in their unit – these units will be supplied with 1 firelog per day of rental.* Guests are responsible for purchase of additional firelogs.

Units with a pellet stove will be supplied with a sufficient supply of wood pellets for their stay during the winter months.*

*Units which require firelogs are supplied 1 firelog per day of rental from 15 November to 15 March only. Units with pellet stoves are supplied with a sufficient supply of wood pellets from 15 November to 15 March only. Reservations between 16 March and 14 November are not provided with firelogs or wood pellets.

Winter BBQ
While many of our units offer gas or charcoal grills for guest use, most of these will be placed in storage during the winter months. Please do not plan to BBQ during the winter months.

McCall has an annual average snowfall of 174 inches. Snow removal is scheduled when there is approximately 4-6 inches of accumulation or following a snowstorm. Snow removal crews work around the clock, however, there is no way to guarantee what time a driveway will be cleared. Have your vehicle equipped for winter conditions. Install snow tires and carry tire chains with you (even if you have a four-wheel drive).

While every effort is taken to ensure amenities are available and in working condition, there are times when certain amenities are out of service or unavailable. We will work to make the amenity available to you as soon as possible, however, there are no refunds.

Currently – Most of our managed properties in McCall are not equipped with air conditioning. Units with air conditioning will have this amenity listed in the property description.

Guests wishing to purchase small Christmas Trees and/or decorate for special occasions may do so at their own expense. Please note that guests are responsible for removal and disposal of those decorations prior to departure. Local garbage company will not collect discarded trees and they must be delivered to the landfill directly. Registered guest will be billed for additional cleaning and disposal of these items. Truck time, labor, dump fee and fuel surcharge will be charged for items (such as Christmas trees) which must be taken to landfill for disposal.